Electro Cautery

Byfricator B 202


  • Offers a choice of monopolar and bipolar current.
  • Portable Model attached with brief case for safe handling.
  • Intensity variable accurately.(50-100 watts output)
  • For minor coagulation and cutting, Useful for ENT surgeons, Dermatologists, General surgeons and cosmetologists.
  • Ideal for instant coagulation, desiccation and fulguration.


Removal of warts, acne keloid, corns, cyst, chancroid, tumours, vaginal cysts, moles, fibroma, conjunctivitis, epilation, mammoplasty, augmentation, tongue lesion removal, biopsies, ablation & non-ablation, beauty treatments, plastic surgery.


  • Power Input 230Volts
  • Power Consumption -50watts
  •  Frequency 100
  • Maximum Output -100

⦁ Unit gives best results in the removal of the growth on the surface and within accessible orifices.
⦁ After dehydration the growth drops off naturally within few days or by giving local anaesthesia immediately.
⦁ New skin appears gradually and takes the tint of surrounding skin.

Byfricator Accessories

Electrocautery Bipolar forceps and electrodes

Byfricator Accessories 2

Electro cautery unit comes with following accessories.

  • Monopolar handle with cable.
  • Bipolar forceps with cable.
  • Earth Plate with cable.
  • Electrodes – 5 nos
  • Foot Pedal.

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