CO2 Conversion Kit

CO2 conversion with On/Off knob

  • CO2 Conversion Kit with on/off knob is used for regulating the pressure of a bulk cylinder to the insufflators as from a normal baby cylinder to ensure safety and long life of the insufflators.
  • Refilling small cylinders will take more time, at least a minimum of 15 to 30 days. It also gets exhausted very fast. This delay can be solved using CO2 Converter System.
  • It has Single Stage Regulator Filling & Double Stage Regulator Filling.
  • Different type of fittings

    Type 1 - Storz fitting

    Type 2 - Stryker 5 thread fitting

    Type 3 - German pin index fitting.

CO2 Tubing

Branded clear polyurethane tubing designed for use with pressurised CO2 systems, It connects the CO2 regulator to the control/needle valve.

Clear CO2 Proof Tube is high quality, clear polyurethane tubing that is designed for use with pressurised CO2 systems. It connects the CO2 regulator to the CO2 diffuser via a needle valve and ensures a complete seal preventing any CO2 leakage. It fits with the 6mm connectors.

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