Halogen Spotlight HL 2000

Halogen lamps bring out true tissue colour. Also assures consistently long-lasting bright illumination.Lamp/Light temperature is kept at 3400 Kelvin to further enable identification of true tissue colour. In emergencies can be energised by using Car/Auto batteries (using crocodile clips available with battery mechanics).Extremely small distal output with easy to use the focusing system. Hence easy to adjust and concentrate on the light spot. Even from a long distance can be focussed on the surgery part. This works to pinpoint accuracy level since the lamp has very good flexibility in any direction

Universal Halogen Spotlight HL 2000


  • Non-drift unit with 360 direction.
  • Convenient to dismantle & reassemble.
  • Lamp Head is compact & detachable.
  • Portable and Transportable.
  • Shock-Proof & energy saving Halogen bulbs with minimum 500-1000 hours life.
  • Light Intensity of 1250 Foot candles at 16 inch diameter


⦁ Available in Floor Stand Model  HL 2000 12V 50W/12V 100W and Wall mounted Model.
⦁ It brings out true tissue colour also assures consistently long lasting bright Illumination
⦁ Light is kept at 3400 Kelum(K) to further enable identification of true tissue colour.
⦁ Halogen Light will light up even at Low Voltage.
⦁ It can be fitted with Imported/Indian halogen bulbs easily available in the Market or form us.
⦁ This works to Pinpoint accuracy level since the lamps has very goog flexibility in many direction.

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