LED Head Light

The LED headlight is designed for examination and all types of surgical operations including microsurgery. Variable intensity LED light No heat in the light's beam 6,000K, intense, shadow-free light Tissue colour-tones undistorted Rechargeable Lithium battery pack Range of magnification and focal length loupes Crisp and clear images from high-grade glass, multi-coated loupes Eyepieces and headband are completely adjustable Comes with a battery charger in robust flight-case.

LED-Head Light-Model LHL-3

  • Most noteworthy Medical Headlight or we can say Surgical LED Headlight allows the physician, surgeon, or dental professional to perform exams or procedures using powerful focused, high-intensity light while having both hands free
  • Furthermore, for hair ideal for ophthalmic, Hair transplant surgery, Epilation work with greater accuracy, ENT, micro dental, gynaec & dermatology even more. Specifically for Procedures of foreign particle removal (both general Applications and eye
  • Above all, it is very cost-effective, of the best quality even more. Besides that Surgical LED Headlight are of good use because doctors can perform their tasks easily in contrast to other lights. Hence resulting in a great product.
  • In a close vision, It is a valuable tool for doctors who work with binocular magnifier like dentists, lab-technicians, Hair transplant surgeons, jewellers, electronics assemblers, photographers, quality controllers, hobbyists, etc. because it helps a doctor to work effectively
  • Power Supply: 150-300 VAC, Battery: 7.2 Lithium Battery, Battery Run-time: 2.5 hoursPower 10 W, Fluctuation Distance: 12.5 mm, Diameter 20-80 mm,Portable

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