Silicone Gel Head rest

An Economical option to cradle and support the patients head during a surgical procedure. For FUE/FUT hair transplant or other neuro brain head and neck related procedures, these head gel pillow assists the patient and doctor to reach at more comfort zone technically and physically.

Silicone gel Horse shoe

  • The Horseshoe Gel Pad is commonly used to protect the patients face while in a prone position.
  • The Horseshoe shape provides enough space for intubation tubes to pass through during the surgical procedure.
  • The product is available in adult, pediatric and neonatal sizes

Silicone gel Donut


  • Constructed with an advanced silicone formula designed to help with pressure redistribution
  • Easy-to-clean flexible membrane cover has shear characteristics similar to that of human skin
  • Will not absorb body fluids or odours
  • Radiolucent

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