Bipolar Coagulator

Wet field bipolar coagulator is mini diathermy solid-state for controlling bleeding during surgical procedures eliminating tissue trauma using bipolar standard forceps and eraser.

All RF electrosurgery is bipolar so the difference between monopolar and bipolar instruments is that monopolar instruments comprise only one electrode while bipolar instruments include both electrodes in their design.

Bipolar Coagulator


  • Power required for wet field is 230 volts, 50 cycle A.C+10%
  • Foot control system gives convenience to surgeons.
  • Forceps, Eraser and Cables can be attached.
  • Digital display for easy setting.
  • Imported forceps and erasers can be attached.
  • Power control is continuously variable between 1-9.
  • Audible tone lets surgeons know the unit is activated.
  • Compact in Size, elegant look and easily portable.



  • Safest procedures to delicate tissue involved for cataract, retinal and IOL surgery.
  • It can be used with irrigation (wet field) or in the bloody field itself, to locate the bleeder easier to enable the surgeon to have the better visualization.
  • Useful for Ophthalmic surgical procedures and for delicate surgery reducing tissue trauma.
  • Coagulating with saline irrigation reduces tissue heating, shrinkage, drying and sticking of coagulum to the forceps tips.

Bipolar cable

  • High-grade silicon with twined high-quality copper to prevent memory in the cable.
  • High stranding of copper wire, cables deliver more power to the instrument and perform longer without failure.
  • Bipolar and monopolar cables which have round cross-section are double insulated with excellent electrical isolation.

Bipolar forceps / Eraser

  • Powerful, precise and gentle grasping and manipulation of tissue.
  • No slipping of tissue gentle grasping and manipulating Blunt dissection.
  • Large-area coagulation Excellent closure of vessels.
  • Reusable instrument Easy to clean and autoclavable.
  • Durable insulation coating Ergonomic handle Standard safety-connector for all commonly used coagulator types.

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